Special Considerations for Asthma Patients Receiving Tens Treatments in Dentistry

Dental treatment for pediatric patients with asthma should take into account the fact that barbiturates or narcotics (mainly morphine and meperidine) can cause adverse reactions. In the event of a severe headache, the emergency doctor should be able to identify the etiology, as more than 90% of patients who go to the emergency department due to headache have migraine, tension, or mixed-type benign headache. Therefore, providing symptomatic relief should be a priority. Resting in a dark, quiet room is helpful and some patients find it beneficial to apply cold compresses to sore areas. In addition, oxygen consumption and deterioration of neurovascular coupling can increase after the spread of depression in the neocortex of rats.

A study of 67 patients with migraine showed that the device reduced the number of migraine days per month and the use of medications, and a patient satisfaction study conducted with 2313 users of the device revealed that more than 53% of patients were satisfied with the device. Dirnberger and Becker conducted a study on 60 patients and reported that resection of the corrugator muscle produced total relief from migraine in 28.3% of patients, an essential improvement in 40% and little or no change in 31.7%. In a separate study involving 873 participants, 214 received 10 mg of atogepant, 223 received 30 mg of atogepant, 60 mg of atogepant, and 214 were in the placebo group. The frequency of migraine decreased by approximately 72% in treated patients, compared to 44% in participants who received a placebo. Chronic cough and increased sputum production can develop between acute attacks, which can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Prevention is clearly the best approach, although appropriate and rapid action in the event of accidental inhalation is essential to ensure patient safety.

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